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The NEW Urban Artist Mentorship will see emerging artists paired with artists and industry experts in the urban genres. Participants will have the opportunity to build relationships and enhance their careers by learning from those that have experienced the challenges and opportunities that exist. On-site sessions will cover topics such as promotion, songwriting, collaborations, branding as well as management and career development. Applications are now being accepted.


The NEW 2018 ECMA Agents Mentorship is aimed at assisting booking and talent agents in gaining valuable information, skills, expertise and resources from experienced agents from across Canada. As we continue to develop this opportunity we will be working with those that apply to determine the desired direction and focus of the on-site sessions. This will be a collaborative opportunity to guide the focus of this mentorship while building relationships within the industry. Applications are now being accepted.


Thursday May 3 from 11:00AM-4:30PM

*Prerequisite for Export Buyers 1-on-1 Meetings at ECMA*

Are you export ready and looking to elevate your career to the next level? Get invaluable insight on how to strengthen your credentials to take advantage of export and business opportunities. This advanced workshop is designed for export-ready artists, managers and companies interested in building on their presentation and one-on-one pitching techniques. Learn the essential components to enhance your personal communication styles, develop your business credentials and adapt pitch techniques for conversational one-on-one meetings.


Friday May 4 from 1:00-2:30PM

For the third year in a row ECMA is excited to present the Canadian Presenting Touring Networks forum. This session is designed to provide insight to artists and artist representatives and to unveil the different roadmaps available to build and expand touring networks in communities across Canada. Topics will include: audience engagement, market demand, showcasing process, presenters needs and requirements, fee & pricing structure, block booking, community outreach programs and the tools to deliver an effective showcase and maintain business presence at contact events. Confirmed participants: Judy Harquail (Ontario), Joanna Maratta (BC/Pacific), Skip Taylor (Saskatchewan), Sue Urquhart (CAPACOA), and Laurie Gillis (Atlantic).


Hit the ground running at this year’s ECMAs. This virtual pre-conference will take you through two key areas to set you up for success. Take part in one or both.

EMERGING - strategic setup, marketing fundamentals, and showcase & conference prep to develop your business, prepare for your show or attendance at ECMA 2018 and be ready to do business starting on DAY 1.

PROMOTION - social media marketing campaign from setting up the shows online, words and imagery to use, ads in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ( formats, expectations, etc), social media posts (dos and don’ts), livestreams, boosts, fan engagement, working with the promoters and venues and more!  


Back again this year is the Export Buyers Centre. Get your music heard by Canadian and international talent buyers and media! Step into the ECMA Export Buyers Centre and get connected with local, regional, national and international buyers and media. Designed with international and domestic music buyers in mind, and staffed with knowledgeable volunteers, the Export Buyers Centre will act as a business and networking hub where buyers connect with artists and their music. This unique business opportunity is a pre-requisite for export ready artists and companies participating in the Export Buyers Program. Pre-registration required.


Friday May 4, 3:00PM-4:30PM

This choose-your-own-adventure style of one-on-one mentorship offers artists and industry representatives a unique opportunity to meet with experienced industry experts, companies and organization representatives. Participants will sign up for 15 minute one-on-one conversation with an experienced mentor in the respective field of expertise. Some of the tracks include: PR, radio promotion, social media/marketing, music licensing and publishing and touring to name a few. Pre-registration required.


Saturday May 5, 4:00-5:00PM

Join National and International Music Supervisors & Publishers for these interactive roundtable sessions. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as participants share what they are working on and how they source music. Pre-registration is required.

Confirmed Speakers: John Bissell, Music Supervisor, Mothlight Music, Pasadena, CA; Ruby Wasmuth, Publisher/Composer Manager, Manners McDade, London, England; Andrea Higgins, Head of Music Supervision & Licensing, Arpix Media, Toronto, ON; Phillippe-Aubert Messier, Co-Founder/Music Supervisor, Apollo Music Store, Montreal, QC.