Alfie - Dawn, Nothing Has Changed
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Hip Hop

In the past couple of years Alfie‘s Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B sound, as well as his name, has become recognisable in the local music scene in Halifax. Alfie has zoned in on his signature sound with his latest album New Fans leaving peers and fellow industry leaders wanting more of the tongue-in-cheek, storytelling lyrics over smooth and jazzy melodies. His inventive attack on songwriting, along with his energetic and interactive live show has become a breath of fresh air in a heavily populated hip-hop scene, gaining him more respect and acknowledgement with every release and live show. Alfie brings humour back into Hip-Hop through an unpredictable style. He leaves it all open to your own interpretation without any concern of the possible impressions. His latest album New Fans created a buzz and new opportunities such as being included in The Coast’s New Music issue, as well as performing at events spreading from Halifax to Toronto such as Nova Scotia Music Week, Canadian Music Week, Halifax Gay Pride Festival, Hopscotch Festival, Evolve Festival and many local shows. This year Alfie will be adding Halifax Pop Explosion to the list of festivals with plans to attend events in the US in the coming new year such as SXSW. New Fans is also nominated for Music Nova Scotia’s Hip-Hop Recording of the Year.

If you want to imagine what it feels like to spectate a live Alfie show, picture yourself in a hawaiian shirt, driving with the top down in a convertible that doubles as a bathtub, while listening to a hilariously real story that will force you to question whether life is real, all while smooth jazz plays over heavy bass patterns, and an attractive bearded man jumps and dances around. Picture that, but more Hip-Hop!

On top of the attention gathered from digital audio and video releases, Alfie is a member of the popular local collective of artists known as ODOD (Our Dynasty Our Destiny), and has gained popularity through their web series Trippy Travels. Trippy Travels follows the collective while on the road touring and performing, gathering the comical ups and downs of the touring life of musicians, while showcasing each of their addictive personalities and talents. From local shows to festivals such as Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario, and East Coast Music Week in Sydney, Nova Scotia, the ODOD team makes sure to give their fans and audience more than just music. ODOD consists of Alfie, Cam Smith, Jay Mayne, Thrillah, Grant Keddy, MattyBoh, Tyler Ross, Dave Hung, and Jon Eisener.