Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: Celtic, Folk, Roots, Traditional, World


Ben Miller and Anita MacDonald join together, blending the rich traditional sound of the Cape Breton fiddle, with the fiery edge of the Scottish Border pipes. Combining their creative vision with influences from Old and New World Gaelic traditions, they create a powerful sound, heralded as: 

"... One of the most important folk acts on Cape Breton Island today."  - CBC Main Street (Nova Scotia, CAN).   

Since meeting at the 2013 Celtic Colours Festival, Ben & Anita have toured across North America and further afield, wowing audiences with their captivating blend of driving dance tunes and soulful Gaelic airs.   

"... Fiery... Fresh, yet totally traditional."  - Piping Today Magazine (Glasgow, UK)

Equally at home at an intimate house concert, or a late night festival show, Ben & Anita tour as a duo, trio, or a four-piece band to fill any stage. 

A lively show that got audience members on their feet and dancing...  - The Inverness Oran (Nova Scoita, CAN)


  • Spanish Peaks Celtic Festival - Colorado, USA (2016, 2017) 
  • American Folk Festival - Maine, USA (2017) 
  • Stratford Summer Music Festival - Ontario, CAN (2017) 
  • Goderich Celtic Festival - Ontario, CAN (2017) 
  • Campobello Fog Fest - New Brunswick, CAN (2017)  
  • Home County Music Festival - Ontario, CAN (2017) 
  • Kitchenfest! - Nova Scotia, CAN (2015-2017) 
  • East Coast Music Awards - Nova Scotia, CAN (2016, 2017) 
  • Celtic Colours International Festival - Nova Scotia, CAN (2014-2016) 
  • Tønder Festival - Tønder, Denmark (2016) 
  • PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls - Prince Edward Island, CAN (2016) 
  • Festival Acadien de la Région Évangéline - Prince Edward Island, CAN (2016) 
  • Acadia Trad School - Maine, USA (2016) 
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Edinburgh, UK (2014)


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   "....inventive, refreshing, yet deeply rooted in Cape Breton's Gaelic tradition, Ben and Anita are one of the most important folk acts on the Island today. Combining their deep respect for the culture their community tradition bearers taught them with their own innovative aesthetic, Ben and Anita invite audiences to explore the rich heritage of the Gael in an accessible contemporary setting."
 Wendy Bergfeldt-Munro Host/Producer CBC Cape Breton. 

“Ben and Anita have the unique talent of taking well known, traditional tunes and giving them new life. They have a great respect and knowledge of how these tunes are to be played, but are able to inject an energy that brings them to life once again. That’s the way you keep the music alive for a new generation to discover and enjoy.”
— 101.5 The Hawk, Highland Fling (Nova Scotia, CAN)

"An entertaining and lively show, which got audience members off their feet and dancing between the tables... Full of rich traditional sound, unique to Cape Breton. Together, they form an impressive blend of freshness and tradition... True talent.” 
— The Inverness Oran (Inverness, NS, CAN)

“From the opening notes, this music buzzes with energy... 'A Day at the Lake' is invigorating and spirited - a must-have for fans of Scottish and Cape Breton tunes... Guaranteed to stir the soul and the feet!”   
— Bright Young Folk (Kent, UK)

The first thing that strikes me is how the fiddle and pipes blend so well together, creating one musical sound. Graceful … Precise … Full of life …   
— The Cape Breton Post (Sydney, NS, CAN)

“Cunning... Fiery... Fresh, yet totally traditional...Excellent entertainment.”  
— Piping Today Magazine (Glasgow, UK)

“Choice tunes, tastefully arranged and played the way they ought to be... Bravo!”   
— Birchen Music (Burlington, VT, USA)