Breagh Mackinnon
Breagh Mackinnon - 01 Harbourtown 1
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: Singer-Songwriter

A celebrated young artist on the East Coast scene, Breagh Mackinnon’s voice takes center stage. Backed with her training as a jazz pianist, Mackinnon draws on her love of contemporary folk and pop music to create a sound that is uniquely her own. Since releasing her ECMA nominated debut album “Where the Days Went” in 2012, Mackinnon has toured the East Coast and has performed at major festivals across the country. Mackinnon grew up in a musical family on Cape Breton Island, one of Canada’s hidden musical gems. Surrounded by the island’s music community, her interest in the craft of songwriting began at a young age. “Collaboration has had a major influence on my music.

Playing with artists from different backgrounds inspires me to think outside the box, and co-writing has opened my eyes to a whole new approach to songwriting.” Since 2011, Mackinnon has made an annual trip to Gordie Sampson’s renowned Songcamp, the birthplace of her album’s opening track “Harbourtown”. In 2013 her song “White Picket Love” earned her the International Finalist spot in NewSong Songwriting Competition and a performance at New York City’s Lincoln Center. 2014 saw Mackinnon travelling to Nashville and Germany with a delegation of Canadian writers to co-write and perform. She is currently working towards the release of her follow up sophomore album.

“Breagh is that rare combination of voice , song and musical strength. The writing is breathtaking and the voice is strong medicine” - Gordie Sampson

“Where the Days Went shows a new direction for Mackinnon, a more mature, developed sound.” - Stephanie Johns The Coast

“Mackinnon’s debut sees her already in control of a sound for her thoughtful words and gorgeous melody lines..Her voice soars above each track, as a grand bed of piano, acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, strings and brass.Wisely, she’s the lead instrument through it all.” – Bob Mercereau Music Review CBC New Brunswick

“Breagh MacKinnon…displaying intricate piano/guitar chordal-work and unique arranging in her promising musicality).” - Todd MacLean The Guardian