Hal Bruce
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Country, Folk, Pop, Pop-Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Hal Bruce is a One-Man, One-Voice, One-Guitar, BIG SOUND full-time entertainer/music producer/songwriter, from Nova Scotia, Canada. He has long been known as a man with great musical talents and earned a well-deserved reputation of being true to his music, and is a versatile hard working performer. His proficiency on the guitar (and vocals) has been the focus of a lot of attention from his audiences, where people are hearing, what seems to be more than one guitar, only to find out that Hal’s knowledge and style on his instrument is at an outstanding level…(no computer gimmicks or pre-recorded tracks used)

Hal got his musical start on the night The Beatles took the world by storm, on the Ed Sullivan Show back in 1964. Ever since then, he has not looked back. He decided from an early age, that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, to play music, full-time, and travel the world. He has stayed true to his vision, and throughout the years, his diversity and style has taken him to many places and has netted many returns to various venues around the world, both small and large alike, to functions like Festivals, Corporate, Private, Theatres, and Special Features on TV and Radio spotlights.

Since his early days as a songwriter/music composer, and as a recording artist, Hal has recorded more than 14 albums including four albums of originals that have charted really well in the 1990s in Canada…earning more than a dozen, Regional, National, and International Awards, including, Male Vocalist, Songwriter, Entertainer, Video, and Band Of The Year…He also has been inducted to three Halls Of Fame between 2006–2015, the latest one being his induction to the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame in September 2015.

Since his debut as an entertainer/multi instrumentalist (esp. guitar)/vocalist, he has studied thousands of songs from the 1960s and 70s and grew up totally immersed in the musical hits of that magical time, acquiring a vast knowledge of those classics before they became great memories we all cherish today. Hal’s catalogue of yester-year hits includes many different songs from scores of well known artists and genres from Pop, Rock and Roll, and Country-Folk. “ You request ’em, he’ll play ‘em!”

In his very successful career, Hal has had the opportunity to have performed with, or played on the same bill as many well known artists of that time.

Hal still continues to tour extensively, and 2016 will mark his debut of his 4th album of originals. He decided that it was time to get back and record a fresh new batch of new songs for the audiences who really want to hear more of “his” material, which ranges from Pop, to Pop-Rock to Country-Folk. The new album, “Rock Steady Line”, is slated for release in late May.