Spirit of the Wildfire
Spirit of the Wildfire - 370
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Alternative, Rock

Spirit of the Wildfire assaults their listeners with a high energy, dynamic experience from an arsenal of unique styles and sounds. Combining a diverse array of influences from Ska to Hip Hop, with a hard hitting punk aggression, the group dubs their sound 'Funk Punk’.

Their recordings capture the chaotic intensity the group brings to live performances. Spirit of the Wildfire layers teeth grinding guitar melodies over seductive, rhythmic bass and intricate drums with murderous intent. Nosebleed provoking sounds will question whether one should dance or mosh. 

Spirit of the Wildfire released their first album "Chuckin' Bricks" on April 20th 2016. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jayson and Dan of the band at Echo Chamber Studio in Halifax. The band followed with a Eastern Canadian tour to promote the album bringing them through New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. The album is available on Spotify,Bandcamp, Apple Music and iTunes

Spirit of the Wildfire recorded their second album at SoundMarket Studios with producer Terry Pulliam and engineer Kory Bayer in February 2017. The band released a single from the album titled "Supernova" in May 2017 along with a video which you can view here

Spirit of the Wildfires second album "Paradisolation" was released on July 21st 2017. The band followed the release with a 15 date Eastern Canadian tour called the 'If we Make it Tour' bringing them through Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec and Ontario from August 4th to August 27th. The album can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music as well as purchased on iTunes, Bandcamp and physically at Taz Records in Halifax.