Kendra Gale Band
Kendra Gale Band - Noise in the Dark
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Blues, Rock

click here for the recording video of 'All You Do' 2016 

The Kendra Gale Band

With her new album 'Kicking and Screaming' recorded and ready to launch and drummer Warren Beatteay, Kendra Gale is gearing up to show the industry what she’s made of.  Hitting Festivals, Clubs and House Concerts with both fully Electric and Intimate and Interactive versions, the KGB brought their versatile show to cities from St.John’s to Sarnia in 2016.   Constantly working on new material, Kendra is busy planning more tours and infiltrating the KGB into more cities across Canada.  Like a soulful cross between The White Stripes and Bonnie Raitt, The Kendra Gale Band is a gritty duo that takes charge on stage with crunchy guitar licks and a driving beat.

Kendra is no-fuss when it comes to her song writing and performance. She gets up on stage and rocks the room, foot tapping and strumming the guitar while connecting with her fans. She writes poignant lyrics about life and lessons learned, sung with a strong blues vocal set against guitar-driven melodies. Kendra’s no wallflower – she’s the soul sister of blues rock.

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