Leona Burkey
Leona Burkey - Calgary Song
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Folk, Roots, Singer-Songwriter

Leona Burkey has been keeping it pretty close to the floor in the Canadian music scene for some 20 years as a singer/songwriter, host and entertainer. Influenced by the story song tradition and roots music coming from Canada's East Coast, she has carried her guitar and notebook all around the country and back again gathering up an eclectic collection of dedicated fans along the way...with every performance as cozy and intimate as if you were sitting in her kitchen. Leona has one of those voices that doesn't just sing the words, but draws listeners in with a subtle and honest emotional hook. A born raconteur, music is a conversation Leona loves making...life has been full, the notebooks are full and with her long-anticipated singer/songwriter debut recording, "The Margaret Marie EP" (Sept 2013), she invites you to sit long and talk much.

The Margaret Marie EP is seaside reverie...a story of journey away and home again to find the heart of her music and her muse...this EP will wrap you up in a woolen blanket of folk and rootsy tones from Canada's east coast while Leona's open blue sky vocals tell the tale...sounds like Shawn Colvin & Jimmy Rankin mixed in a blender.

Leona's latest project - the full-length album "Wave Theory" (released April 30, 2015) takes the listener deeper into Leona's body of work - with a little less nostalgia and more challenging themes, still packaged in the rootsy sounds of home and the long road back. The tension between Leona's sometimes sweet, sometimes haunting vocal delivery and her subject matter are captured perfectly in the production and arrangements in this strong full-length debut.