Mitchell Bailey
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Hip Hop, Pop

Mitchell Bailey, 20 years old, hailing from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, is rapidly becoming the voice of any youth who's idea at one point seemed totally unrealistic and ridiculous. Speaking from the perspective of a young adult who went from struggling to pass his math exam and impatiently waiting to graduate high school, to being exposed into the depths of a changing hip-hop industry. Over the past year, it's obvious his maturity within his music is being put on full display with every newer release. From dealing with growing pains, to trying to stay grounded with all this excitement being so quickly thrown at him, Mitchell combines storytelling lyrics with obscure, almost humorous, descriptions of what his perfect world consists of, backed by catchy choruses blended in with moody melodies. He's the type of artist to speak on exactly what's in front of him. The more ups and downs he experiences within his everyday life, the more you'll hear about in his music in every single detail.

To date, Mitchell has headlined three tours across the East Coast of Canada and has performed at various showcases across North America including; Pop Explosion (Twice) in Montreal, NXNE in Toronto, #NIGHTSHIFT in Miami, A3C Festival in Atlanta, SXSW in Austin, and performed along the likes of Classified, Madchild, Rich The Kidd, Xxxtentacion, Neon Dreams, Ugly God, Port Cities, Kap G & more. In the past 5 months, he’s released his most successful music videos to date (accumulating 120,000+ views in total) & is still producing consistent material. His debut album “Last Time Introducing Myself” was released on July 21st, 2017 & peaked at #46 on the Canadian Hip-Hop Charts on iTunes, along with the album's main single "So Simple" gaining regular radio rotation throughout the East Coast of Canada & racking up over 50,000 views on YouTube.

Instagram: @mitchellbailey7

Twitter: @mitchellbailey7