RootsDeepDown - Hurricane
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: Folk, Gospel, Rock

RootsDeepDown is a folk rock band trying to follow Jesus and tell people the good news that God loves them.

In 2014 we started leading worship together and asking Jesus to give us songs that spoke to our culture and sounded like Cape Breton. In 2013 Joe started recording a solo EP, The One We've Been Waiting For, which was nominated for an East Coast Music Award for Gospel Recording of the Year. While practicing for the CD launch party, we all decided that this things sounds way better with a few good friends and RDD was born.

Our first full length album Awoke and Raised was released in December 2015.  We're very excited about these songs and their expression of the church in Cape Breton with a little bit of hometown sound.  Nothing like some fiddle and banjo to get you tapping your toes while you worship a great God.

Rootsdeepdown is in the studio again rehearsing for our next project, a live recording featuring songs written by Ethan and Chelsea.  This is going to be a good time!  Watch for that release in Summer 2017!  

 We're looking forward to come celebrate Jesus with whoever wants to have a Kingdom of Heaven party with us, with songs and stories of all he's done and is doing. Be Blessed. RDD.