The Gary Sappier Blues Band
The Gary Sappier Blues Band - Fripp Jazz
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Blues

Depending on the day, Gary Sappier might perform any number of roles. He’s the nation’s first-call Aboriginal ambassador, a futuristic technology advocate, a dedicated educator, and of course, a Canadian music luminary.A multi-instrumentalist whose music is a unique combination of Aboriginal flavoured rhythms and soulful blue's. Since 2003 the aboriginal bluesman has produced four CD's and garnered four East Coast Music Award nominations and is a solid fixture in Canada's east coast music scene.A professional actor,Gary has been seen nationally on TV Commercials (CBC-ATV)and has been heard on many radio jingle's.

Gary has represented Canada in many countries such as: United Arab Emirates,Dubai,The Netherlands,Afghanistan and the United States.

Played April 28th/2012 with-Matt Andersen,Bruce Guthro,Lenny Gallant,Kim Dunn.
Played for all of Canada's Premiers.
Performed for Canadian/Afghanistan Embassadors.
Opened for Trooper,Dr.Hook
ATV's Breakfast Television(5 times).
CBC Radio1 and 3.
Sirius Satellite.
APTN National Television Special Songwriter's Circle.
America's Got Talent-New York City.
And many more.