Apply To Be An ECMA Board Member Today!

Apply To Be An ECMA Board Member Today!

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) seeks applications to the ECMA Board of Directors. 

One Board position is now open for the region of Prince Edward Island, and one is open for the region of mainland Nova Scotia. (there are no current Board openings for the regions of New Brunswick, Cape Breton and Newfoundland & Labrador). 

Successful candidates will serve a two-year term from September 2018 until September 2020. The ECMA Board of Directors meets four to five times annually. Committee work is expected of all board members. 

ECMA members in good standing with a drive to shape the activities of the ECMA are encouraged to submit to be nominated to the Board of Directors. (For more information on membership, click here. If you have questions about your membership, please email

Applications are open now until Friday, August 24 at 5:00pm AST. Interested candidates can submit here. Online voting for the Board of Directors will run Wednesday, August 29 at noon AST to Wednesday, September 12 at 6:00pm AST.

ECMA members in good standing can vote, with voting occurring exclusively online August 29 - September 12. The results of the election will be announced at the 2018 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, September 12, in Charlottetown, PEI. (Further details will be released closer to the date).

CLICK HERE to submit.

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is a regional collaboration of people in the music industry of Atlantic Canada. We are a registered non-profit association dedicated to the music of Atlantic Canada. It is the ECMA's mission to develop, advance and celebrate East Coast Canadian music, its artists and its industry professionals throughout the region and around the world. We advocate for our members to ensure they can sustain music careers while based in Canada’s Atlantic region.