ECMA 2021 Festival Schedule & Artists!

ECMA 2021 Festival Schedule & Artists!

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Thursday, June 10

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The 2021 East Coast Music Awards Show Presented by Dairy Farmers of Canada

Rich Aucoin (NS)

Les Hay Babies (NB)

Keonté Beals (NS)

Hauler (CB)

Silver Wolf Band (NL)

Zamani (NS)

Rachel Beck (PE)

Like a Motorcycle (NS)

Classified (NS)

Rita MacNeil Tribute (CB)

Rose Cousins (NS)

Jimmy Rankin (CB)



Friday, June 11

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Black Vibes Presented by ANSMA & TD

6:00pm Owen O’Sound Lee (NS)

6:40pm Zamani (NS)

7:20pm Jah'Mila (NS)

Warner Roots Room Presented by Warner Music Canada

9:00pm Caribou Run (NS)

9:20pm Menoncle Jason (NB)

9:40pm Keith Mullins (CB)

10:00pm Inn Echo (PE)


Rube & Rake (NL)

0:40pm Émilie Landry (NB)

11:00pm Mallory Johnson (NL)

11:20pm Crowdis Bridge (CB)

11:40pm Beòlach (CB)

BIG NIGHT IN - Friday Edition Presented by Atlantic Lottery

7:40pm Owen Meany’s Batting Stance (NS)

8:00pm Adyn Townes (NB)

8:20pm Chloé Breault (NB)

8:40pm Gabrielle Papillon (NS)

9:00pm Nick Earle & The Reckless Hearts (NL)

9:20pm Pretty Archie (CB)

9:40pm Rachel Beck (PE)

10:00pm Hillsburn (NS)

10:20pm Rich Aucoin (NS)

10:40pm Classified (NS)


Saturday, June 12

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Slaight Saturday Night Presented by Slaight Music

6:00pm Leanne Hoffman (NS)

6:20pm Sarah Hagen (PE)

6:40pm Kylie Fox (NB)

7:00pm Moira Bren (NS)

7:20pm Jordan Musycsyn (CB)

7:40pm Mike McKenna Jr. (CB)

8:00pm Braden Lam (NS)

8:20pm Hauler (CB)

8:40pm Rachel Cousins (NL)

9:00pm Kim Harris (NS)

Indigenous Showcase presented by Cape Breton University

9:20pm Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers (NS)

9:40pm Silver Wolf Band (NL)

10:00pm Wolf Castle (NB)

BIG NIGHT IN- Saturday Edition Presented by The Atlantic Craft Brewery Collective

7:40pm Anna Ludlow (NS)

8:00pm Quote the Raven (NL)

8:20pm Rum Ragged (NL)

8:40pm Sherman Downey (NL)

9:00pm Dave Sampson (CB)

9:20pm Còig (CB)

9:40pm Lennie Gallant (PE)

10:00pm Catherine MacLellan (PE)

10:20pm Villages (CB)

10:40pm Jimmy Rankin (CB)


Sunday, June 13

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Socan Songwriters Circle Presented In Partnership with Songwriters Association of Canada


Hosted by Rose Cousins (NS) Jah'Mila (NS)

Kim Harris (NS)

Dave Sampson (CB)


Hosted by Heather Rankin (NS) Breagh Isabel (NS)

Owen O'Sound Lee (NS)

Joel Plaskett (NS)

East Coast Music Awards Part II: Music & Industry Awards

Hosted by Heather Rankin

Performances by

Rube & Rake (NL)


Catherine MacLellan (PE)

ECMA is taking COVID-19 safety seriously. We have hired independent safety consultants, who are working alongside the Province of Nova Scotia, to ensure our production sites comply with Nova Scotia Public Health requirements. Our shows will be experienced as pre-recorded, or live from set shows, where all participants will be required to follow strict protocols to keep them and their peers safe. Our audiences remain in the comfort of their homes experiencing the best of East Coast Music via our online platforms. For more information on our COVID-19 safety plan, please visit click here

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